When Should I Replace My CPAP Parts?

Keeping your CPAP parts clean is of great importance, but those parts don’t last forever. Here is a typical replacement schedule for CPAP parts. Always check the manuals of your specific CPAP machine/parts for the maker’s recommendations. It’s also good to keep track of the dates of purchase of your various CPAP parts. This will help you remember when it’s time to restock.

Replacement Schedule for CPAP Parts

  • CPAP Mask – every 90 days
  • CPAP Mask Cushion – every 30 days
  • CPAP Nasal Pillows – 2 pairs every 30 days
  • Tubing – every 90 days
  • Headgear – every 180 days
  • Non-disposable filters – every 180 days
  • Disposable filters – every 30 days