What are the benefits of creating a payment profile?

While creating a profile is not required to make payments, it makes paying and managing invoices quicker and easier. You can create a payment profile by clicking here. Your profile organizes invoices you owe and those you’ve already paid, plus gives you quick access to your complete transaction history.

o Store your credit/debit card or bank information for future transactions.
o More payment options, such as recurring payment plans and Auto-Pay.
o View payment history, view paid invoices, and update/change your address and insurance information.
o Select your statement delivery method.

I made a payment in the patient portal, however I do not see the transaction in my bank account?

It can take up to 7 business days for payments to process through the banking system. The receipt you receive via email at the time of payment is acknowledgement that your payment has been received and is being processed. You can check the status of your transactions in the payment history.

I’m trying to register with my email address but I keep getting a message that the email already exists?

Email addresses are unique and cannot be used more than once. Make sure you or a family member have not already used your email address to create a profile on the patient portal, as most likely it’s because the email has already been used to create a profile.

How do I change my credit/debit card information?

The one-time payment or recurring payment screen will tell you if a credit/debit card or bank account has already been saved. Click on the View/Update Saved Payment Method link to update your information.

What is "Auto-Pay" and what are the benefits of Auto-pay?

Auto-Pay takes the stress out of paying your bill not having to worry about misplaced bills or missing a due date. Auto-Pay guarantees your payment is always paid on time, with the added bonus of saving you money on postage and checks.

o Auto-Pay allows you to store your credit/debit or bank account to automatically pay future balances.
o Auto-Pay is a convenient way to ensure your invoices are paid on time.
o Auto-Pay allows you to control the amount and timing for paying your future invoices.

If I send a check or a different credit/debit card, will that replace my automatic payment for that month?

If your account has an outstanding balance on the date your payment is scheduled to take place, then the charge will still be made. If your balance is $0, then no charge will be made on the scheduled date.

How can I cancel Auto-pay?

Please contact our office to cancel Auto-Pay, by calling: 717-657-2100

What are the benefits of setting up a reoccurring payment?

Recurring payments save you time and guarantee your payment is made on time each month.

What date will my credit/debit card or bank account be charged each month for my reoccurring payment?

Your first payment will be charged at the time you setup your recurring payment plan. After that, your card will be charged on the same date of each following month. (E.g. If you setup your plan on the 10th, your card will be charged on the 10th of each following month.)

What are the benefits of E-delivery Statements?

Receive your statements more quickly in an environmentally friendly way!

How do I sign up for E-Delivery?

Simply log into the Patient Portal by clicking here and create a profile, then select E-Delivery.

How do I select my statement delivery method?

When signed in, go to My Account, then select Account Detail. At the bottom of the Account Detail screen you may select how you want to receive future statements.

I made a payment without signing into my Patient Profile. Why can’t I see the payment transaction in the payment history list?

The Patient Portal will only display payments made when you are logged in to your patient profile.