DHS Sleep Program is designed to achieve positive patient outcomes resulting in an improved quality of life. By utilizing modem technology on our patients, the Outcomes Team can identify and address any issues the patient may be having. These may include large mask leaks, elevated AHI’s or non usage.

Studies have shown that early intervention is critical to securing long term compliance. The patient is contacted within 2 to 3 days of set up by a trained Respiratory Professional and the importance of adhering to therapy is consistently reinforced. Specific concerns will be discussed, and possible solutions to these concerns will be put into place.


The Outcomes Team provides ongoing support and daily monitoring of your patients. 100% of devices we utilize are set up with modem technology. The data captured by this technology equips the Outcomes Team with the necessary information to keep your patients on track towards successful utilization of their device and improved adherence to therapy. Outcomes Team members interact with patients in multiple ways to ensure compliance. Team members utilize – Phone, Email, Text Messaging to communicate with your patients. In order to enhance compliance the Outcomes Team will troubleshoot and address a majority of the problems from our office. If the problem is unable to be resolved through a phone call, a highly trained Respiratory Professional will be dispatched to the patients home to fix the problem. Every effort is made to help the patient understand why it is important to remain compliant on their therapy.